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Robert Zarco

I have had the opportunity of working closely with Rene Prats at many different levels through different relationships that i have had throughout the more than 15 years that I have had the benefit of knowing and working with him.  My relationship with René began through an attorney client relationship where I was representing one of his companies in a legal matter. The representation became easy as a result of René’s tremendous understanding of both the operational and financial performance of his company.  René has  tremendous knowledge in reviewing, analyzing evaluating and understanding Financial statements such as balance sheets and profit and loss statements at a degree and level which allows him to gain a clear view of the entire operation And financial status  of his company.    This intricate knowledge of a company’s financial picture allow him the ability and provide him with the expertise to be able to alter the manner in which a business operates in order to optimize and improve the company’s P and L.
I highly recommend Rene to consult or run any small to medium sized company as CEO, COO or CFO. His integrity and work ethic are exceptional.

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